Supporting Bali Businesses

We believe that thriving communities are where Agencies like Social Bali can provide the maximum value for our local residents & those who come here to build a new life on the Island.

Celebrating Culture & Travel

Affordable travel and a focus on local tourism is the only economic activity currently on the island. Isolating and enjoying staying in Bali and limiting contact with people is kind of a natural effect of the types of accommodation & lifestyles available in Bali.
Curious about the real situation in Bali right now.
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We know you miss Bali

Supporting Businesses and communities through the economic downturn is what we encourage. There are arrivals of International Expats arriving in Bali, through Jakarta.
It is possible to come to Indonesia to live and work. A Kitas Holder can travel.

Connect with Us

Social Bali is a global marketing and technology agency that transforms businesses for the digital age. We run regional digital campaigns, social media marketing, and provide support for Bali Businesses.