How the # 1 SEO Company in Bali
does SEO for your Bali Business

We regularly assure Bali & International Businesses rank on the first page of leading search engines with our affordable packages.

That’s what makes us the best agency in Bali to take on the work of bringing you more traffic and visitors to your site through ranking at the top of search for your chosen keyword terms.

The Best SEO Company in Bali follows organic tried and true methods of customising the strategy for each individual company that we work with.

Social Bali -SEO Agency in Bali How we work on your SEO front Page Position on Google & relevant Search Engines.

Considering DIY, that is perfectly good too. We are happy to help with one of our Ebooks, simple and easy instructions about optimising your Social Media Channels.


First we find out what kind of results you are currently experiencing. If you don’t yet have Google Analytics set up we will do it for you.
Even if you already have it, we always tweak it so we can get the best data for the future out of your website performance report.

We meet online first, via video chat and thats where we really start diving into your SEO process. We start optimising your website.


We then design a strategy for your SEO & Content Plan.


Our team then creates a full 360 digital business strategy. We match these online goals with real world business outcomes and requirements.
We focus on your long term SEO goals and improve the performance of all your online assets.


As Bali’s Premiere SEO Agency, we understand how important competitor analysis is for your future success.
We monitor and review businesses who you compete with for both SEO positioning and market share more generally.
From this profile we keep on top of search, website changes, leads, links and any content addition.

Our useful Explainer Series for SMB's in Bali & around the world help you make the most of the Social Media Platforms.


Around the same time we begin your Website Audit. Make sure your website is optimised for mobile, responsive and work through the navigation & design elements.

We make sure the speed of each page is optimised and check page speed. Taking into consideration Google’s preferences for very fast loading sites.


There’s a lot of work in optimising your website with SEO. We prepare quality content, research keywords and long tail keyword phrases, and continue to optimise for mobile your website and all the graphics. We check the backlinks and web speed and optimise all of these on site metrics.


We provide ourselves on our straight talk. With weekly catch up emails. Updates on our communication platform. Providing weekly and monthly reports as well as live tracking data.

We track all of the most important metrics and tweak and optimise your SEO on and offpage. Helping you realise your maximum return on Investment of the SEO services we have performed.

Choose from one of our
Digital Management Packages.

Social Bali helps you to optimize your website and its content for sharing across social media and high authority sites. Increasing Authority and Serp Positioning. Getting your business to the first page of Google requires a Video Strategy as well as Consistent Social Media Posting.

Choose from one of our All in Digital Marketing Packages that can help you whether you are a Micro Business or a Power User.

Affordable Digital Marketing Packages for Bali Businesses.


Get Represented Online
RP2,9 JT Monthly Investment
  • Basic SEO
  • Google PPC Management
  • Daily Posts2 x Social Media

Power User

Complete Digital Package
RP7,9 JT Monthly Investment
  • Premium SEO
  • Google PPC& Retargeting
  • Facebook + Instagram Ads
  • Social Media Management
  • Website Maintenance
  • Email Marketing


Get Brooklyn
$39 one time fee
  • Power Elite Support
  • 27+ Beautiful Demos
  • 115+ Page Templates

Power User

Get Brooklyn
$79 one time fee
  • Power Elite Support
  • 27+ Beautiful Demos
  • 115+ Page Templates

Let'sTalk about Your SEO Goals.

Getting your business to the first page of Google requires a Video Strategy as well as Consistent Social Media Posting.