Social is the way our Work is Discovered

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“By not tweeting you’re tweeting. You’re sending a message.”

The exiting part of this shift is how we can actively use our voice now
in a manner never seen before in history.
We can actually create an impact and influence social change
through our access and connectivity! So what will you and your brand be known for?


Social is the way our work gets discovered. Content that is truly exceptional, unique, and useful can earn tremendous awareness through social media, and that social amplification often leads to great links, which leads to great rankings. CEO/Co-Founder, Moz 

Rand Fishkin

Do you have a Social & SEO Content Plan?


  1. What is Your Ideal Target Customer Profile?
  2. What is Your Unique Value Proposition?
  3. What are Your Top Business Goals?
  4. What are Your Top Business and Marketing Challenges?
  5. What are Your Top Content Needs?

These are the questions we work through when you become a client of Social Bali-Social & Digital Marketing.
We give our clients VIP days, where some of the best business coaching available in Bali is yours FOR FREE!
That’s right, all our packages give you access to our specialized, bespoke VIP day content and workshops for the Ownership/Management Team as well as key members of your Social Media & Sales staff can participate in.

So How do we Work Together?

Determine your Strategy

Firstly we discuss and workshop your objectives for social media, not just brainstorming but deeply discussing who your audience really is, and work out with your team, (of 1 if it’s only you) to make sure that your day to day process, is moving towards goals which are measured and written objectives.

Establishing a consistent voice & tone in your communications

All of our packages are Do it With You, what that means is that we Educate & Train you and your team along the way, making sure that when we do part ways, your business and knowledge of every strategy we took and content we created can continue to function well.

By making sure you have a consistent voice we help co-create your ‘personality’ and what you really stand for.

We believe that everybody is now an Activist.

We make sure your purpose is represented in all your content strategies and communications across Social Media Channels.

Finding your Purpose

In our Coaching Sessions, and YES we can do it virtually, almost half our clients are based Internationally and we have not yet met them in person. It’s a virtual world we live in.
We dig deep into the Character and Persona- of your brand.
We ask questions which help really define the identity so that you look and sound like the voice you most want your brands attributes to be represented.
We get into the Vibe and of course the kind of language you use during your social media conversations.

Knowing where, how and what you will post

So how do we get to the where, ie choosing social networks which are right for your brand and where your customers are hanging out.
This takes research and tracking to really get this correct. When we do, it pays off with traffic and engagement. Figuring out how often to post and what times of day to post is where our expertise can really help you.

Niches & Topics
We make sure your Social Media Content Strategy & Posting Schedule is worked out months in advance, with care taken to cover topics and niches which will provide value to your clients and visitors as well as establish you as an authority in your vertical.

Thought Leadership is Important

Through Thought Leadership you create authority and leave a legacy and a reputation which helps your potential clients through your sales funnel. Feeling secure about the choices they are making in the moment is the essence of your Social & SEO Strategy, and making sure that you share both about your own product/services and tell your market about your company, as well as making sure you have a balanced ratio of content to drip feed your audience of great content prepared by others in your niche as well as other verticals where cross-over occurs.


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