Creating a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Creating a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Posted by socialbali | February 24, 2016 | Digital Marketing, Strategy

It is important to complete a Digital Marketing Audit. Where you go over your ‘now’ and check out, what are your current marketing assets and channels?
List them.

These assets might include:

  • Website – desktop & mobile friendly sites
  • Social media sites – Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram etc…
  • Email campaigns & email systems
  • Blogs
  • Webinars
  • Videos & Podcasts
  • CRM or Customer Relationship Management systems
  • Affiliate or JV Promotion programs

It is important to figure out where your potential clients are hanging out. Seems easy. But how do you do that?

It could be as easy as, find someone who really meets your target audience criteria. Then ask them. (there are infinitely more complicated ways to go about this and whole startups dedicated to this subject)
But it really could be as easy as, find someone, ask them, find another 9x someone’s and ask them, rinse and repeat until you find the answers you are looking for.

The fact is, a lot of what you think of as Strategy, might be better defined as assumptions. Therefore, breaking your goals and target activities down into smaller pieces can work wonders in either proving or disproving your assumptions. The next step is to document each pivot, and clear up these micro-strategies into a cohesive, set of instructions that everyone in your team can understand and develop on further.

Assumptions vs. Strategy

To be on Social Media just to be there is frankly a waste of time and resources. With the available information now on Social Media Engagement Strategies, you should really start with a results focused strategy.

Ask, what do you really want to achieve with Social Media?
Then be specific, who do we want to engage with on Facebook?
What kind of interactions would we like to see?
How will we know when it’s successful?
What metrics will we be focusing on?

Next, the Roadmap, well that is what we are calling it.

Your Social Media Roadmap would include asking yourself all the ways in which you want to participate. If needed, go through the entire shopping list of available channels and make a list of chosen attributes of your participation.

Consider, will you be using ads, paid searches, organic likes and how much engagement you really need in order to fill your sales funnel.

Or perhaps your interest is customer service, in which case getting information about new product offers and promotions as well as sharing customer success stories might be your focus.

75% of businesses with a Social Marketing strategy use original content. So branded social content is now a competitive must!

For Social Media Content to be useful, it needs to be fresh and relevant content which finds your audience on a timely and consistent basis. One of the biggest turn offs with brands is repetitive content.

Custom curated industry news, blogs and articles ensure that your brand remains at the top of your client’s minds, when you share up to date posts and social media links.

If you have been having issues being consistent, or your Social Accounts need a makeover, Social Bali is ready to handle all your Social Media Management accounts and build your brand.

Find out more.

Then back to where you started from. Remember user experience. The key to your success, measured as engagement and a successful pipeline of qualified leads jumping happily into your sales funnel. And ultimately, better profitability and other goals of your business.

“By improving user experience, a typical business can improve sales by 64%.” Hewson Group

Sales being the outcome for most businesses making sure that your marketing delivers on sales performance might be the ultimate KPI and one which we at Social Bali are very focused on for our VIP Clients.

If all this is just too much work, remember it IS possible to outsource what might look like an insurmountably growing list of Tasks and Business Activities to a professional agency who has your business interests at heart.

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