How “Cancel Culture” Has Impacted Social Media

There is a risk both for your PR and your brand reputation if you 'get canceled'.

“Cancelling someone is ultimately a power play: that power can be derived from institutions and formal authority, or just popular opinion.” Walid Jumblatt Abdullah

While “cancel culture” may haves begun in the West, it has been embraced by many in Asia who claim it is a force for social change. Calling out unethical behaviour is a consequence of this newfound ability to use Twitter and other social channels to voice disapproval for actions or opinions or ‘bad deeds’.

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An Unpopular Opinion Recent or Historical

Putting Cancel Culture into perspective, societies have been punishing people for behaving outside of the social norms of the time for centuries. Our current iteration is not new, it is the manifestation of what our technology allows.

Meaning a social media storm can brew before you have had your first coffee in the morning, a tweet or message can suddenly bring a backlash which was not possible previously but is now likely if not, when you take a particular opinion or outspoken perspective online.

Can lead to a boycotting of your business

When you are being cancelled there is a step further which can impact your bottom line, business income and ability to continue influencing an audience or have the respect of visitors.

Here the group will try to hurt your profits and your ability to continue in business or social life. Digitally, and sometimes it spills into the real world as well.

It is essential to have a plan in place for when things go wrong publicly.

Cancel Culture vs Accountability

Social Bali Tips for Brand Management in the Age of Cancel Culture

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How we build this APP

One of the immediate strategies is to make sure you are monitoring social signals for any crisis. These can be through any number of social listening tools and are fundamental to building your brand online.

Being canceled is not something that you can predict, it seems to be like a storm which rages without warning. There are no fixed criteria to look for.

Making sure you do not become a target can be by making sure that those tasked with handling social media for you, customer interactions and your website maintenance is being handled with staff and management cognizant of the new threat from online outrage.

The Cancel Culture Movement if it is in fact a movement, seeks to hold influential people, brands, celebrities and other public facing figures accountable.

For the People

Ultimately this kind of backlash if faced is bad for you business and ultimately for your bottom line revenues.

Saying whatever you want has a high cost, just as there is no free lunch neither we find out is there free speech.

Maintaining your brand reputation can be very expensive after a public shaming. Hiring a PR Agency, Legal advice and an online reputation management team can be very costly.

So what do you do in your humble Bali Business to keep ahead of the Corporate Cancel Culture?

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