Bali 2021

Whoever thought 2020 was finally over and we could start our lives again…must have eaten their hat!

Although we have not eaten our hat, we sure have struggled along with our local business friends and survivors of this economic disaster which has been the P-demic.
Yes, indeed. Our natural optimism at times fails us. But we have been through difficult and shocking moments in Bali before.

We will rise again. Having also pivoted and helped many smaller businesses in Australia digitize we are also buoyed with some hope. Struggle can turn to survival. As many readers would know after turning quickly to othered employment having started a small ecommerce venture or other side hustle.

We want to applaud you for whatever you have done to stay relevant. Though we offer what amounts to Digital First Assistance. We are here to talk about the future and have some information and strategies to help for gaining traction when we do, as a world get this story changed. From upside down to world as it becomes, new.

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Resilience in the Face of Adversity

We have all been called to Resilience. Sacrificing for family, our health, our community.

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Staying connected to Nature. Remembering and feeling the seasons of our own lives helps keep our perspective on the passage of time. Enjoying Nature and remembering the awe of the landscape helps keep our perspective uplifted.

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Through contemplation, meditation and prayer we stay strong. Breathing in natures warmth brings our bodies into alignment. Whenever we feel hope waning, remembering to stop, breathe and allow. To be in tune with the cycles of our lives. We remember how busy it was. Now calm. Empty. We reach out to family & talk with friends to stay Strong.

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We work hard. Damn Straight! Not shy to hard working, we are diligent. We are ready for work. We prepare ourselves, our families and our environment for the work ahead. Staying in touch with those who can lead us into the next phases of recovery.

Resilience is in our DNA
All of Us Together
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