Social Media Lead Generation 2018

Social Media Lead Generation 2018

Posted by socialbali | 28 February 2018 | Blog,Social Customer Care

How is your Bali Business utilizing social customer service?

This aspect of growing your business, and keeping customers happy can no longer be ignored!


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What might surprise SMB’s in Bali is how many of the companies surveyed globally rate this as the #1 Most Pressing Short Term Priority!

Or how the statistics show a drastic increase in Key Measures such as repeat purchases, the life blood of many Bali Businesses, upsells and the all important recommendations. It is no wonder that this is a very important subject for businesses all over the world. That means you too Bali!

Social media lead generation is cost effective, and produces results.

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How well are you using Social Media Service to facilitate the growth of your business?

Lead generation through Social Media is defined as initiating and capturing potential buyer interest in your products or services through Social Media & a Managed Sales Pipeline.

This Lead Management Sales Pipeline is a fundamental aspect of online and offline growth. Your website is your base of operations. It must be more than a static brochure style website, oh so 2007! That is 11 years out of date now. So if you last worked on your website in 2007 or even 2017, you really need to call right now, so that we can help you move into the modern era of Web 2.0. With all the delightful advancements which this has brought to small businesses.

We have truly leveled the playing field now. So that small businesses can now create a powerful online sales ‘team’ which will bring your highly qualified leads to your ‘real’ sales people or yourself so that you can convert those leads to buyers.

The beauty of having an active and meaningful Social Media Service Strategy means that you can really focus on the important aspects of running your business. Once you have your sales pipeline in place, attracting traffic, converting well then you build out the customer satisfaction & loyalty programs which bring referrals and upsell purchases.

You really must not ignore this any longer. There is a wealth of extra income waiting for you when you optimize your website and start using smart strategies for Lead Generation using Social Media Customer Care.

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