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At Social Bali, we’re not interested in winning creative awards (although we have from time to time) or building websites and mobile apps just for the fun of it. From the very start of our project working with you we start with strategy and planning so that every move we make together is based on meeting your business goals.

Before we get to work on any part of your digital property we make sure that we both have a thorough understanding of the specific and measurable long term strategies that will yield the results you want. By taking a thoughtful approach to your successful website design and digital marketing campaigns we are in effect developing your road map for success.

We love the creative side of design, and graphics development, have a keen interest in photography as well as the intricacies of coding and plugin development. We help you align your brand messaging with research on your customers needs, and then we start designing for your project making sure that what we create will turn your prospects into high converting loyal customers!

Getting your website launch ready can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 8 weeks depending on your campaign and the goals you have in mind. To be successful there is a mixture of smart and effective digital marketing strategies that will bring customers to your site, and your lead capture system is a vital part of that mix. We make sure to track all of the clicks and make sure these online campaigns and transactions are measured and improved upon in order to maximize your investment and minimize the costs.

The ultimate goal is always to acquire new customers and increase sales, secondary goals can be about your customer service standards and community building efforts. We help you to devise a plan and implement a campaign unique for your business that attracts new inbound leads to your website and turns them into customers and brand advocates.

By re-vising your brand visibility and your core messages we can make sure that the customers you need to grow your business, know that you exist!

A successful sales funnel brings potential clients to your site via a number of organic SEO strategies and possibly using a high converting Landing Page or two. Whether you are a start up or already established we can work with you to strategically plan and execute strategies to solve the very real business challenges you face.

We help you build a website built from the ground up to meet your business goals.

Business Strategy

We focus on questions such as how does your digital presence optimize your business model.

Accessibility & User Experience

Whether you need a completely new web project or a re-design, or just a tweak. We focus on user experience, making sure your potential clients can easily navigate your content.

Content & Copy

Having experience both in agency and client side web development, we have copywriting experience over a range of industries, we proof read to perfection and are expert at creating SEO optimized content, ready for the search engines.


Are you aware of the key insights, summary of issues and opportunities which effect your business? Have you mapped out how these will impact your business?

Search Engine Optimization

Let us help you improve your page ranking through Organic SEO strategies, lots of great content development and SEO optimized pages, articles, Social Media Communications and plenty of well written motivating copy.

WordPress Website Creation

We like to work with WordPress sites and can deliver a website which efficiently meets your business needs. Contact us now. Call +6289683900123

A responsive mobile friendly website & digital marketing are essential for your Bali Business.