Wake up Call for Bali Businesses

Wake up Call for Bali Businesses

Is Google Cranky with your Bali Business?

It’s time already that most of us have had our wake-up call and noticed how things are changing online!
Quite a few client have received the PENALTY CALL from Google directly.
Is your Website optimized for Mobile?

With over 86% of your first time visitors finding you on their smart-device means that Google is stepping in and forcing your hand. Don’t ignore it because you haven’t seen it happen yet, we have seen Google stepping in late 2016 after sending warnings at the beginning of the year. MOBILEGEDDON has finally hit Bali Businesses!

You and your Bali Business are not immune from the standards that the whole world now expects of your online brand.

We are starting to notice smart businesses and those who have had the kick in the pants by Google starting to  the utilize tools and campaigns which will help you regain or claim those Google Rankings/S.E.O. Results that you deserve.

In a way due to a lack of competitiveness in many business area’s you might have been able to keep your head in the sand slightly longer than in other major cities. But the rules apply everywhere. There is nothing that Google doesn’t see.

We started to see Businesses throughout the Asia Pacific Region learning how to be more successful in this new world, a business landscape where your online property can make or break your sales projections/targets.

The fact is that we often have the most important part of our relationship with our clients online both before we transact with them and long after!


Google mobile-friendly algorithm is a page-by-page signal, so it can take time for Google to assess each page, and that is why it took some time to roll out fully.
So depending on how fast Google crawls and indexes all of the pages on your site, the impact can be slow to show up.

-Barry Schwartz

If you don’t already know Google has given you a tool to see how Mobile Friendly your site really is. You can find out more by visiting Google’s Webmaster Tools

We hope that if you are still imagining that you can get away with not updating your site, that you can find the confidence to please deal with it, promptly.

The first update for mobile site functionality occurred in April 2015. If you have not taken care of this, you really are ignoring how essential this is for your marketing efforts. Ultimately for your Bali Business a responsive site, with Mobile optimized content is the very minimum you need to keep your SEO Rankings and gain clients through 2018.

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